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Behaviour from day one!

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Well hello!

Sorry it has been such a long time since I posted, this time of year everything else seems to take over!

Now over here in the UK there is still one week of term left until summer but for my lovely American friends lots of you are getting ready to go back! With that in mind I wanted to talk about setting your behaviour expectations from day one! So here are my helpful tips for getting off on the right foot with your new class.

1 - Discuss the rules with your class
I know this might sound like an obvious one but I'm not talking about telling them the rules, I mean to discussing the rules. Ask the children why they think they are important and if they like the wording. This involves them a lot more in the rules of the classroom and sets a community feel.

2 - Don't set the bar too low
The behaviours and actions that you decide deserve rewards are a personal decision but try not to fall into the trap of reward expected behaviour. It is fine to express happiness when children follow the rules but if it is every day expected behaviour it shouldn't be singled out for rewards. This can lead to difficulties when having to deal with behaviour problems.

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3 - Watch your phases
I am very guilty of this and it can be so difficult some times. When teaching we often fall back on a set of phrases that we use to quiet the class. There is nothing wrong with this but they can be over used and that is when they become meaningless to the class. It is a good idea to change your quiet down phrases often and be prepared to find yourself slipping!

4 - Remember to laugh at yourself
Some times you will say something silly, you will make a mistake and even call out the behaviour of the wrong children. Remember to accept that you made a mistake and apologise if you can get this going from day one then you will show the class that it is OK to make mistakes and change our behaviour for everyone's benefit.

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If you do have behaviour issues in your class there is a fantastic post over on The Special Needs Teaching and Education Blog on Preventing Behaviour Escalation.  

I wish you all a fantastic back to school season and enjoy your holidays!

Spring is here!

I love this time of year. The sun is shining, it is not too hot, there are flowers growing everywhere and everything just seems more cheerful.

With Easter just around the corner it is a great time to introduce children to life cycles and new life in the animal kingdom. You may be lucky enough to be able to bring animals into your classroom, this is a great way to teach children and so many activities, lessons and learning opportunities can be built around the animals. Some examples of this include hatching chicks:


Frog spawn:

and even sea snails:

If you are not lucky enough to bring living animals into your room you can still teach in this way with plants and saplings.

Activities this can lead to include; diary keeping, detailed drawings, responsibility discussions and science experiments. The possibilities for expanding learning in this way are endless and it is wonderful to see the children so excited.

If you are planning to conduct science experiements you may be interested in my Science Investigation Booklet to help children plan and carry out experiments.

Great activities to get your class excited about Earth Day

Earth day is on its way!

Let's have some fun on Earth Day :)

On the 22nd of April 2017 it is Earth Day again; this is a great time to teach your class about conservation and the environment. with this in mind I thought it would be a great idea to round up some ideas for fun ways to bring Earth Day into your classroom (I wish I could say these were all my ideas but no, they have been collected from around the internet, although I have used a lot of them and can safely say they are fab!)

Make your own weather station!
This is a really great hands-on activity for the children, it does not take a lot of equipment and is fantastic to explain the weather and changes in climate!

Get full details here at the wonderful nurture store blog!

Another fantastic (although messy) idea is to get the class making their own recycled paper. If you are anything like me your classroom scrape tray is overflowing with random bits of paper that you cannot use. Get the kiddos to make their own recycled paper from the pulp of unwanted scrap! They love doing this and once they start they will be bringing you handmade paper from home as well!

There are great instructions here at Schooling a Monkey

And of course you could always get them growing their own plants. This is fun in itself but when you add eyes and hair it is even better! Check out this lovely Crafting is my Life blog post with pictures on making this process fun!

With all these physical activities you may also want to teach them some facts about Earth Day and conservation, don't forget to check out my Earth Day PowerPoint and worksheets pack for a fun way to get your class excited about saving the environment.

Pinterest Course, Advanced Discount & Freebies!


I have been working really hard recently on getting my new Pinterest course up and running and it's nearly ready! With this in mind I am looking for some first time testers on the course.

If you are thinking about taking a Pinterest business course please fill in the form below. On the first of March I will be selecting 3 at random to recieve the course for FREE! All I ask in return is some feedback and hopefully some positive recommendations to your friends :)

Anyone else who fills in the form before the end of February will be entitled to 50% off once the course goes live so. come on jump in!

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Five for Friday 16/2/17

Thanks again goes to doodlebugs and her weekly linky party. Where I let you all know the  5 important things I have been up to this week.


Here are the five things I have been up to this week:

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It has been Valentine's Day! What a wonderful romantic day that is awwwww I hope you all had a fantastic time and spent it with someone you love :) Yes very soppy!

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And it is half term!!! YAY! I have been trying to be nice to myself this week and not do too much work. I have become so conditioned to always be working that I feel a bit lost when I spend time on mysel fso I hope that you all are going to do the same and take some 'me time'

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It's all about the Pinterest! As I have been neglecting my social media for the whole of January really, I decided that I needed to seriously step up my Pinterest gaem. I have joined Tailwind and I am a little bit in love! I have organsied my boards and written about 100 to do lists I want to make my Pinterest Perfect! If you are interested in this whole Pinterest thing, check out my YouTube Channel for some videos I have been making about it all.

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So hot on the heels of my crazy Pinterest week I am now inspired to get down to a full on Twitter week! So next week I will be full on Twitter mode! I will let you know how that goes.

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And finally Easter is coming! But before easter we have Lent! If you are keen to get some Lent learning in your classroom then pop to my store and check out my new Lent products!

Great for a fun approach to this time of year.

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Have a Fabulous weekend everyone :)

The top five questions you MUST ask your class about their Social Media

We need to talk about Social Media

I teach primary school children. A few years ago, social media, mobile phones and cyber bullying were things I didn't need to worry about with the kids in my class, but this has all changed so fast.

Now, I know that schools are getting better at confronting cyber bullying and there are the talks, and the guidelines, and all the fantastic warning videos, but while these can be very useful and have their place some times it really needs to come from a frank open discussion.

Here are the 5 Questions you need to ask the children in your class about their Social Media use.

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Q1: Do you really know the rules for using a social media site?
So many children don't actually know how old they need to be to post on Facebook. Many have no idea that they are agreeing to allow their personal information to be passed on if they check certain boxes. They need to be aware of this stuff and not just dismiss it as boring and unimportant.

Facebook: 13
YouTube: 18 (!) but 13 year olds can use a parent's account
Twitter: 13

Q2: Is your profile really private?
So many people have open Facebook profiles and they don't even know it. The settings on Facebook are quite complicated and are updated often making keeping all of your profile private quite a tricy business. For exampel lots of people don't know that by selecting 'Just my friends' in the priavcy tab only applies to new posts, so anything that has been posted before that is seected can still be seen by anyone. Also 'friends of friends' means that anyone who is connected to someone you knwo can also see everything you post. This is somethign a lot of children are just not aware of.

Q3: Where do you use Social Media?
It is quite worrying the amount of children who are happy to use social media in the bathroom and bedroom. Not only just this limit adult supervision, it can also be dangerous for reasons of hacking and childrensharing inappropriate photos.

Q4: Would you accept a friend request from someone you know? 
I usually ask this question after asking 'Would you accept a friend request from someone you don't know?' The answer to that one is always a well trained 'No Miss' but when asked this question they seem puzzled, of course they would, it's social media is it for connecting with your friends. I think it is worth reminding them that they don't really know if this person contacting them is actually their friend at all and in fact it is best not to accept any friend request until they have spoken to their friend in person to make sure it is them!

Q5: What do you consider personal information?
Now this question is a really scary one, the children's idea of what is and isn't personal information differs a lot. Some children think just your name and address is personal but details about your parents, your age and which school you go to are fine. There things are of course still provate details and children need to be aware that sharing them is very dangerous. It is also wise to point out that personal details can be shown without being told. A photo of someone in their school uniform with the school name across the chest can make figuring out their school very easy!
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Now I hate to write such depressing posts, but sometimes it seems the interests of our children are moving faster than their knowledge of how to use them safely and we as teachers need to do everything we can to make sure they are safe and well informed!

For more information check out the Interactive Schools Information and this great post about how teens can fight cyber bullying

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